Resilience Institute Bridging Biological Training and Research

Uncovering Mechanisms of Resilience to Global Change

Leveraging a history of collaborative research and training across disciplines and scales in biology and a team science approach, we aim to uncover mechanisms of resilience to global change and train a new generation of truly integrative biologists.

RIBBiTR is a Biology Integration Institute, funded by the National Science Foundation to conduct research and training that integrates across sub-disciplines in the biological sciences to better understand how living systems achieve resilience to emerging infectious diseases and other global change stressors. The institute is comprised of researcher/educators from many universities, each with expertise in research and training relevant to the group’s focus on the amphibian disease, chytridiomycosis.

Disease Resilience

Field research teams in Panama, Brazil, and the USA are working to uncover mechanisms by which amphibian communities are achieving resilience to the disease caused by fungal pathogen Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis.

News & Publications

Integrative Research

Amphibian physiology, immunity, microbiology, population genomics, population and community ecology.

Team Science

RIBBiTR team members work collaboratively to contribute to the core research and training missions of the institute.

Field Sites

Comparative field systems in Brazil, Panama, Pennsylvania, and California with contrasting histories of disease emergence and resilience.